This is the original, unadulterated (except for the XL designation) car and truck washing behemoth. When full, it still holds a full litre of water.

How do we know? Well, way back in the 70s, I was in a small-town hardware store, where in rural Quebec memory now escapes me, but I do remember that the owner was having trouble believing just how good our sponges were.

Doubt is normal, especially considering the water in-water out experience that most have had using a peanut sponge. So, I had an idea, since the owner needed to serve a client, I asked him if I could use his bathroom. Once there, I filled the sink with water, pushed and twisted it so much underwater that it barely floated.
Then I waited for him to finish, and carried it over to the old fashioned nail and screw scale. Of course, I cupped my hand under it, as a few drops inevitably dripped down during the walk over, but it still weighed well over two pounds. Then to prove a point, I had him grab a small corner (had to coach him, because he was sure it would tear – it did not) and he then carried it back to the sink and wrung it out himself. Needless to say, he started stocking our sponges.

Frankly, if I meet clients in the store, and they are interested in this size, I never fail to mention that one should drive over it, yes, leave it in the package, place it under your tire and go back and forth, at least once. Why? Simple, just like all bioBobs, this one gets better after you break it in: so why not use the weight of your car to kick start that process?

Like the sleeker #10, you can pair up a 10XL with a non-stick Ned, or Tub Tuffy, safe-scrubber for your chrome. Add a small pored #5, or #7, (for applying vinyl protectant) and you have the basics of car-care kit, that may outlast your car.