One has to give credit, where credit is due, it was Maurice Rouleau, who made this sponge possible. Before his innovation, we had just not been able to compete, size wise, with cellulose turtleback sponges.

Although he retired years ago, I still feel the world should know. While we are at it, there are many who deserve recognition regarding the bioBob saga.

Most recently, fotomodés photographic arts has lent us considerable expertise so that you, and the rest of the world, could be enjoyably informed by this website.

Wayne Forcier, who was taken from us in the prime of his life, was instrumental in helping us migrate from the old SOAKER brand name, to eco-softy (which was good, but not bilingual) to the present day bioBob family. His graphic inspirations eventually distilled into the bioBob character we now know, and love.

Paul Major not only worked here as a teenager, a few years ago he came back to help us redesign our production process. Leon Cynader, knew both Bill and Györgyi back in the day, and through the decades he has not only imparted his wisdom, he singlehandedly saved envrio-ester© sponges when unforeseen circumstances befell us earlier this decade. Genfabco Ltd., of Summerstown, ON also went above and beyond during that trying time.

Through the years, Hans Breuers has been indispensible, both with advice and concrete innovations, both for our primary and secondary production processes.

There are so many others who have committed to, and devoted years, to our continued success, here is a short list: Beaudoin van Dieren, Antoine van Dierendonck, Anna Gaigg, Roger Campeau, Celine Renaud, Bernadette Campeau, Philippe Lagarde, Thomas Thaler and the late Mr.Ewen Rankin, of Quebec City. Without Mr. Rankin’s moral support, both my mother, and myself, would have found this path much harder to walk down.