The Non-Stick Ned is basically a child of our Tub Tuffy. Smaller and sleeker, Ned is also made from our special industrial grade of foam which doesn’t act as a sponge at all (until you’ve used it for months anyway). We gave him the “non-stick” handle to emphasize that he can be used safely on all surfaces: even fiberglass and shiny plastic.

What we have here is basically a “safe-scrubber” that happens to maximize the natural cleaning properties of baking soda. Why? Honestly, we can’t tell you… it could be the pore structure, it could be that the ultra-fine micro-pores hold exactly the right amount of moisture to give baking soda that extra edge.

We have also noticed that it works extremely well with any specialized cleaning paste. Perhaps, the dense micro-pores enable any fine cleaning/lightly abrasive paste soap to do the job that much more efficiently.

Neither the Ned, nor the Tub Tuffy are designed for wiping, so please use your favourite bioBob to wipe up your stove top, or other flat surfaces, afterwards.