The Tub Tuffy is just that, TOUGH, it is basically a “safe-scrubber” that happens to maximize the natural cleaning properties of baking soda. Why? Honestly, we can’t tell you… it could be the super-dense pore structure, it could be that the ultra-fine micro-pores hold exactly the right amount of moisture to give baking soda even more cleaning power

Although we’ve been making sponges since 1963, the Tub Tuffy wasn’t put on the market until the late 70s. Sure, at home, we never bothered using our regular sponges to clean the bathtub and tiles. We used off-cuts from our much larger “Industrial Grade” sponges that were sold for floating cement and wet-sanding drywall compound. After all, since you usually rinse your tub after cleaning, you didn’t need the water absorption properties of our regular sponges. The “Eureka” moment is coming back to me now, the situation was thus: I was helping a very attractive girl from Latin America (whom I unfortunately lost contact with shortly afterwards) move into a sublet at La Cité, a condo complex in downtown Montreal. The previous tenant had been the kind of slob would seem improbable, even in fiction. He had let his bathtub get so dirty that the bottom was pitch black, with the sides slowly reverting to grey as they reached the top of what had originally been a white, porcelain tub. She was sure that it needed replacing, frankly it looked beyond repair. Well, I knew it would give her problems with the landlord, so I went down to my station wagon, and fetched a #10 Industrial sponge. Admittedly, with the aid of Comet, and some, OK a lot of, elbow grease: that disgusting tub was returned to sparkling in about 20 minutes.

That was the day I realized that we should be cutting our “Industrial” grade into smaller, easier to use pieces, and the Tub Tuffy was born shortly afterwards.