This aptly nick-named sponge has been around, almost unchanged, since the 1950s. That was when Györgyi Telbisz and her husband Balthazaar van Dierendonck started importing these special “enviro-ester” sponges from Europe. Having little – actually no – experience in the sponge business, they copied the sizes from the then market leaders, Dupont.

Since it is pretty hard to round the corners on a cellulose sponge, they did take an aesthetic advantage on this smaller (compared to the other sizes which were more aimed at male, industrial, users) size, and started to round the corners. For decades, both sides were rounded, but about 10 years ago, I realized that ours was among the few rounding machines out there that could round, or shape if you like, only one side. Thought about it a bit, and when you use a sponge, wouldn’t it be great to always know which side usually faces down… that was when our unique, one side rounded, sponge was born. Another slight alteration, for the sake of aesthetics, and this versatile size was perfected.

Like all bioBobs, they feel great and, even with this ergonomic size, the bubbles just keep coming. Some enjoy caressing themselves with a #6 in the tub, while others like them for dishes, and other cleaning tasks. This, hand sized, bioBob is also ideal when you have big jobs looming: such as renewing your leather furniture with saddle soap and/or a quality beeswax cream.

Let us know if you have found other, funky, uses for this size and we will update and spread the word.