The sun is round, the moon is round: we would be terribly remiss if we didn’t have a round sponge in our repertoire. Actually, our experience shows, and it is borne out by sales statistics, that the old adage: bigger is better can be very wrong!

This spring, we were reviewing the sizes and for some reason…actually the reason was that our packaging for the 6RO didn’t look right… and one version was smaller, but it the bag fit perfectly. Then both sizes, unpackaged, were shown to several women – the first of which was, of course, our CEO. They were all drawn to the smaller, daintier, round sponge.

Experience has shown, that the only time a man will buy a round sponge is to have it fit in a jar of shoe polish, or other product (for which this cuter size fits better than the larger one would anyway). Conclusion: there was no reason to keep going with the bigger size. In this case, smaller was way better than bigger!

Since kids love to play with both the 6, and 6RO, in the tub, again, this easy to hold size is ideal. All bioBob sponges float, so you never have to fish them out of a bubble filled bathtub – another plus brought to you by the artisans of Glengarry County, who are pleased to help everyone have a more bubble filled life.