Whether you grab this one to do dishes, or clean up spills and stains on your counter tops, rest assured: the micro-pores will help whatever soap you choose to get the job done more easily.

The 7 is thick enough to absorb spills, yet thin enough to lower the break in period significantly. Remember, except for the safe-scrubbers, the entire bioBob family gets better as you wring each one out and use it over and over.

This size has its origins in the last century, and like the round 6ROs, we have made it more ergonomic last year. We contoured the top slightly, and made the shape easier to use. Over time, it can save you, big time, on paper towels – pre-wet for better results, wring it out and then press and wipe on spills, whatever they are… another reason not to cry over spilt milk. If it’s a major spill, just rinse and repeat.

Since this size rinses more easily, it’s great size for getting the major grime off windows (if you have that problem) thereby dirtying your final shining tools less.

Ideal for wiping crumbs, or any debris, from fridge shelves, regular shelving, really any flat, or even curvy, surface.
Now, we recommend the thinner #5 varieties, yet nothing has changed, this ergonomic #7 is still ideal for applying Armor All© type products – just look for the ones with smaller, rather than larger pores for the most even application results.

Let your uses of the “counter buddy” blossom over time… and you will experience the “beginning of a beautiful friendship”.