Since my mother was so busy running the business, the rule in our house was: whoever cooks does not have to do the dishes. Once we moved to Lachine, the year I started grade 4, my cooking skills were pretty lax, so guess who has been doing dishes for 45 years? To boot, we have never invested in an automatic dishwasher, so all those dishes have been done the old fashioned way. I must confess that back then, we were still selling LOLA brushes from Holland or Germany, and I do remember that they were handy for cups and glasses. Yet even LOLA brushes had a round, solid, head so getting them into long, thin highball glasses, or bottles with a narrow opening, presented a problem. What I usually did was take a small sponge, stuff it down with the handle end of the LOLA and basta.

Well, it has been at least three decades since we stopped importing LOLA brushes, so I have been using whatever sponge (usually an off-cut) we had around to do dishes since. About a decade ago, I ran across a German manufacturer of white micro-fibre, and got and end roll from them as they did not want to transport it back to Europe. I thought there might be an opportunity for synergistic marketing, but did not have access to a sewing machine. So, I stapled a very thin sponge to the back side of the cloth – it looked like thin white carpet on one side, and the back was just the backing. At first, I was amazed at how well the German micro-fibre worked on dishes. The staples rusted, but held and I continued trying the product for some months. Honestly, I was disappointed when I realized that the micro-fibre side of my double sided invention stopped working. The thin (less than 3/8th of an inch) sponge was still going strong.

What does all this have to do with the 7E? Well, it is rather shameful, when I think about it, that it took me over 4 decades to figure out a sponge size that not only does the dishes, it goes right into deep glasses and bottles. Even if your bottle is longer than this bioBob, the length allow you to fish is out easily after you have used the handle of a wooden spoon, or rubber spatula, to get to the bottom of a baby bottle. Someone with my size of hands, who has been making the best sponges on the planet all this time, should have figured this one out at least 30 years ago.