This handy tool also has gone through changes in the last decade. Our original, #9 was considerably thicker than this one, although, even then I used to say that the reason that it was thinner than to classic #10 (now #10XL) is that it was meant to hold less water in order to avoid water dripping down your arm when stretching out to wash a wall. Again, I should have thought about it a bit more, rather than accept the obvious wisdom.

About 5 years ago, we introduced the present #9 as a thinner version of our wall and floor sponge. We left the large surface area intact, but figured that this thinner option might be popular – we were wrong!

Not only was it popular, it totally killed the sales of our 9XL. Frankly, earlier this year, we did something that we normally frown upon, we delisted our original version. You might see it on an older display pricelist, but frankly, this modified #9 totally negated the old design.

On a personal level, it’s not hard to understand. As thin as a #7, it rinses more easily than the old, thicker, version, there is even less chance of trickling arm water syndrome – and being thinner, our marketing nemesis, the break-in period, is dramatically reduced. All in all, it actually does the job better than the classic version. Well, we all live and learn. The advantage, in this case, is that you now have a quicker, easier, journey on the never ending quest for clean and happy floors, walls, everythings. PS Sorry for the grammatical/spelling license taken: couldn’t resist.